2014 Annual charity fun run


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If you're a novice or a professional - on Saturday 2 November Lake Farm will be hosting a photo competition so we invite you to come capture us.  We will open up our gates to the public who are welcome to come in and show off  their photographic skills! It costs R50 to enter. Each participant can enter 5 photographs and only photographs taken at Lake Farm on that day will be allowed submission. We invite you to photograph our beautiful views, well-kept grounds, birds, animals and participating residents.  The photos will be judged by their ability to represent or capture the 'essence of Lake Farm' and will not be judged only  in terms of their technical perfection.  The top 10 photos will be displayed on our website. The winner will receive a R1000 voucher  and will have their photo published in a local newspaper. (Please note that any photos of residents will only be published with their consent and that of their parent or guardian).

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Givers Gain. Our Fun Day with Greyvensteins, Pam Golding and Greystone


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