Lake Farm Centre

Admission Criteria

The two main questions to determine suitability of an applicant are:

1. Personal ability: Willingness to stay at LFC and ability to adjust as resident with limited risk and disruption of harmony given our available level of services?

2. Financial ability and long-term provision of family to pay monthly fees(2018: R1600-R2000pm) and continue with future financial support when the resident reach old age?(see more detail below)

NB: We cannot consider or admit persons that need full-time physical frail care or one-on-one mental/psychiatric frail care.

Department of  Social Development regulations:

The prospective Resident should be in receipt of a Disability Grant.  The applicant has to indicate that he/she would like to come and live at Lake Farm Centre.

The candidate needs to be a resident from the Eastern Province and the state social worker will do an assessment of the candidate before they can approve admission and approve funding.



Between the age of 18 & 30. We cannot consider older candidates due to our limited beds available for moderate frail care and we are not registered for frail care.



Male or Female


Medical History:

Should be made available as well as medication or any other information such as epilepsy, diabetes, allergies, etc.  Likes and dislikes.  The prospective resident should be mobile, e.g. can walk indepedently.



The applicant should have attended a Training Centre or a similar educational institution, but it is not essential.


Motor Skills:

The applicant should be able to work with his hands in order to undergo skills training and to practically assist with the day to day running of Lake Farm Centre.  The applicant does not need to be able to read and write.


Social Skills:

Should enjoy the company of others.  Should not display any (mental functioning) disturbing behaviour such as endangering him/herself or others.


Personal Hygiene:

Must be able to bath and dress him/herself under supervision.  Buttons and shoelaces are excluded.  Must have bladder control.  Should be able to keep his/her belongings tidy and make his/her bed.  Feed him/herself either with a spoon or preferably with knife and fork.  Needs no supervision during the night.



Must be able to follow simple instructions and communicate meaningfully in simple words or phrases.



The family of the applicant should be able to contribute to his/her up-keep at Lake Farm Centre and set up a Trust or other financial solutions for the off-spring’s future.  The current contributions(2018) by parents and family are R1600 and R2000 per month(excluding personal expenses, e.g. medical aid scheme, etc.) if we receive both the monthly state subsidy and disability grant. The levy could increase to R2000 p.m. in the near future to make provision for our short-fall. If our level of care is not sufficient then the parents will have to carry the cost of addisional services or one-to-one care-givers, e.g. additional therapy, night-carers, etc.



The resident is expected to go home for holidays and visiting weekends.


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