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Admission Selection Process

Two questions will determine suitability of candidate:

1. Personal ability to adjust to our service?

2. Financial ability to pay monthly fee and continue with future support?

Admission depends on various factors and third parties involved in the assessment process as guided by the prevailing admission criteria and policy.  Consequently we keep all applications for when a vacancy develops and can not adhere to a waiting list.  Please be advised that admission can never be guaranteed and the process could take many years therefore it is necessary to investigate other alternatives, e.g. call your nearest Department of Social Development or social worker to assist with application to other facilities.


Our admission criteria basically require that a prospective resident: -

should be in receipt of a Disability Grant, under 30 years old, physically mobile, must be able to bath and dress him/herself under supervision, should not display any disturbing behaviour such as endangering him/herself or others, has to indicate that he/she would like to come and live at Lake Farm Centre and other criteria with regards to medical condition, personal hygiene, financial obligations, daily programme, communication and compliance with our Rules & Regulations.


Admission Procedure


If an applicant qualifies for admission as guided by our admission criteria we can start with the assessment procedure.

The admission and assessment procedure usually include the following steps to evaluate the behaviour of the candidate, suitability of our level of care and social integration with our program, hostels and workshops: -

  1. Application form with attachments to be submitted;
  2. Preliminary screening interview with the assessment team at Lake Farm and applicant plus family present, if we have a vacancy;
  3. An one-day-visit and participation in the programme on a particular day or few days;
  4. A three- week visit and stay at Lake Farm in the particular Unit where we have a vacancy;
  5. An assessment by a social worker from the Department of Social Development who authorizes the admission and monthly subsidy;
  6. Admission for a three-months trial period which can become a permanent admission.


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