Lake Farm’s "go green" progress

How can you support us and help conserve our environment and nature?

Rain water recycling
We are proud to announce that with the sponsorship of Ezethu Development Trust we now recycle and provide filtered rain and bore hole water to about 40% of our buildings.

Solar Electricity System
We are proud to announce that with the sponsorship of Ezethu Development Trust we now generate about 25% of our electricity with our solar PV system.

Waste Re-Cycling Project:
( we are sad to announce that this project was cancelled, because it is not financially viable to receive unsorted waste material from the community ).
Solar geysers:
We havereplace damaged geysers with solar geysers at most of our buildings and several heat pumps over the last years to save almost 20% on our energy expenses.
Compost and earth-worm farming:
Our vegetable garden has been making their own compost and we use our cattle dung in our gardens. Our vegetable garden uses very little insecticides and tries to farm organic as far as possible. We started with small scale earth-worm farming afew years ago.
Lake and nature conservation:
We support and assist with the preservation and protection of our natural lake in co-operation with other land owners who contracted with Algoa Angling Club to manage the lake area for us. Speak to the office at  Royalston Estate if you want to visit thelake.
Alien plants and water conservation:
We attempt to control alien invaders and poisonous trees but need the help of volunteers to really make an impact. Thank you to VW who sponsored a volunteer project (value almost R100 000) to remove alien plants at the lake.
Rain water recycling:
We have a system that directs rain water into our dam and from there we irrigate our veggie garden.
Rain water tanks will help to conserve water and we would welcome a sponsor to help us with water tanks. 
Lake Farm Centre has it’s own a sewerage plant independent from the municipality and pump all recycled sewerage water into our own dam to re-use on farm.


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