Lake Farm's "go green" progress

How can you support us and help conserve nature?

Re-Cycling Project: We only receive sorted "clean" re-cyclable waste material form registered "partners"
The Centre started a recycling project in April 2009, and 50% of our waste material now gets re-cycled by the Waste Management Company.
We register  "recyclers" to ensure we receive only sorted and clean waste.  We save money, protect and preserve nature and the planet.
Solar geysers:
The Centre replaces old geysers with solar geysers, doing a few a year.
Compost and earth-worm farming:
Our vegetable garden makes its own compost, uses cattle dung and very little insecticides and tries to farm organic.
We now also have small scale earth-worm farming.
Lake and nature conservation:
We support and assist with the preservation and protection of our natural lake in co-operation with other land owners who contracted with Algoa Angling Club to manage the lake area for us.
Alien plants and water conservation:
We attempt to control alien invaders and poisonous trees but need the help of volunteers to really make an impact.
Rain water recycling:

We have a system that directs rain water into our dam and from there we irrigate our veggie garden.
Rain water tanks help to conserve water and we would welcome a sponsor to assist us with the donation of these tanks. 

Lake Farm Centre has it's own sewerage plant, independent of the municipality and we pump all recycled sewerage water into our own dam for re-use on the farm.
 January 04, 2013
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